Installation Training Programs

As a SunTek® dealer, your employees have a direct connection to our experienced trainers with in-depth knowledge of film installation processes and techniques. Interactive training includes classroom-style presentations, hands-on demonstrations, and individual one-on-one practice workshops—all in a focused, instructional environment. Course attendees receive a deluxe installation tool kit specifically equipped explicitly for that session upon arrival.

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It’s More Than Training

You and your employees will benefit from:

  • 500 Years of Combined Technical Industry Experience
  • State-of-the-Art Training Centers
  • Small Group Hands-on Instruction
  • Practice Sessions with Supplied Film
  • Supplied Comprehensive Toolkits
  • Ongoing Technical Support 

An Investment in Performance and Excellence

Eastman Performance Films is committed to advancing not only the quality and performance of our window film products but also the quality and performance of the installation process.

Installing window tint and paint protection film combines art and science. Our state-of-the-art training centers offer you and your installers the opportunity to sharpen those skills with hands-on experience led by knowledgeable industry professionals.

Auto Window Tint Training | 3-Day Course

Attendees will learn about the latest installation tools, the dealer bay set-up, hand cutting, and more. This course is ideal for new installers wanting to learn about the different types of film and basic installation techniques.

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Training will help them become proficient installers through continued practice and skills application. Trainees will also receive a core understanding of the software used to cut vehicle kits and basic plotter maintenance.

Trainees Will Be Instructed In:

  • Tools and Solutions 
  • Installation Bay Set-Up and Safety
  •  Pattern Preparation 
  • Installation Techniques 
  • Heat-Forming Method 
  • Windshield Visor Strips 
  • Film Colors and Shades 
  • Use of Cutting System and Software

Paint Protection Film Training | 3-Day Course

Upon completion of this class, attendees will have learned the necessary skills to perform installation on the front of a vehicle. Trainees will learn the use of tools and solutions, pre-cut installation and more.

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The course also covers product care, film removal, basic plotter maintenance and an introduction to bulk rolling.

Trainees will be instructed in:

  • Tools and Solutions 
  • Pre-Cut Installation 
  • Introduction to Bulk Roll Film 
  • Installation Techniques 
  • Product Care and Maintenance 
  • Product Removal 
  • Use of Cutting System Software to Select and Cut Patterns

Architectural Film Installation | 3-Day Course

Designed for the newer installer, this class instructs attendees on proper tool usage, determination of glass types, glass surface and film preparation as well as film trimming.

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Trainees will learn the correct way to accurately measure windows, calculate film sizes and use a film-to-glass chart.

Trainees will be instructed in:

  • Tools and Solutions 
  • Glass Surface and Film Preparation 
  • Installation Techniques 
  • Film Trimming 
  • Flush Mounting 
  • Introduction to Safety Film 
  • Glass Types and Film Recommendations

Choose SunTek® Training

  • Demonstrate a commitment to your profession 
  • Display expertise and qualifications
  • Enhance your business image
  • Attract customers that demand the best
  • Expand your credentials

SunTek® Installation Training

  • Demonstrate a renewed commitment to your profession 
  • Attract customers that demand the best installation services 
  • Expand your credentials to further career opportunities