Commercial Solar Films

Temper the sun’s harsh effects.

SunTek solar window films improve quality of life for tenants and help enhance property value, in many ways. They offer relief from excessive sun exposure, block 99% of damaging UV rays, control glare for better productivity, help protect furnishings from fading and help lower energy costs. 

Performance alone is enough to consider installing SunTek solar film in a commercial property. However, our extensive product line is designed to meet high demands for aesthetically pleasing results as well. Our styles deliver impressive benefits with almost no change to a building’s exterior glass. Our wide range of dual-reflective, sputtered and highly reflective styles offers the opportunity to complement exterior finishes from traditional to modern, in warm or cool tones. These styles also have the added benefit of giving a building’s exterior windows a more pleasing, uniform look that’s free from clutter. 

All SunTek solar film products are backed by manufacturer’s limited warranty. Certain restrictions apply. *  

* Certain restrictions apply; contact a manufacturer’s representative or see an authorized dealer for manufacturer’s limited warranty details.

Ultra-VisionDS™ Series

  • Barely Visible Solar

  • This spectrally selective film series is SunTek’s premier product line, with styles offered for internal and external installation. It has an elegant look from both sides and features non-corrosive construction. 

SymphonyDS™ Series

  • Crisp & Neutral Solar

  • These dual-reflective films are subtly mirrored outside with a crisp and neutral effect inside. They offer a full complement of excellent solar benefits along with minimal dry time for immediate clarity.

Dual-ReflectiveDS™ Series

  • Warm & Neutral Solar

  • Like the SymphonyDS series, our Dual-ReflectiveDS series offers solar protection benefits and features a reflective outside with a neutral effect inside that gives views and light a warmer tone.

InfinityDS™ Series

  • Bronze or Neutral Solar

  • This series is made with revolutionary, non-corrosive sputtered film technology. Offering solar benefits and a selection of bronze and neutral tones and can be installed to a building’s interior or exterior. 

SilverDS™ Series

  • Mirrored Solar

  • Vapor-coated aluminum construction makes this film mirrored on 2 sides, corrosion-resistant, and a powerful reflector of heat, glare and UV rays. It also offers flexible interior and exterior installation options.