Residential and Commercial Solar Window Film

Complement any architectural style or budget with SunTek® Solar window film. We offer a variety of film styles engineered with spectrally selective, dual-reflective, sputtered neutral, or reflective metal technologies that help reduce interior temperatures, harsh glare, and interior fading caused by the sun. Our film options provide a range of solar protection and help ensure a look to accommodate almost every commercial property need and virtually every homeowner’s preference.

SunTek® Residential Solar Film

SunTek Residential Solar film lets homeowners enjoy the effects of natural sunlight without as much of the unpleasant heat, glare, and harmful UV rays typically associated with it.

Available in a wide selection of designs and construction, our solar film products are engineered for exterior and interior applications.


Sun Control That’s Right At Home

SunTek Solar film:


  • Helps provide improved home heating and cooling efficiency
  • Blocks 98% to 99% of interior fading UV rays1

All SunTek Solar residential film products are backed by a manufacturer’s limited warranty2.

SunTek® Commercial Film

SunTek Solar Commercial film improves the quality of work life for commercial tenants while helping to enhance a property’s value.

Our commercial film line is designed to meet high-performance demands and aesthetics. SunTek solar film delivers impressive benefits, with some films adding a minimal change in exterior glass appearance. A wide range of spectrally selective, dual-reflective, sputtered neutral or highly reflective styles complement exterior finishes from traditional to modern, in warm or cool tones that help conserve energy, block 98% to 99% of UV rays1 and are backed by a manufacturer’s limited warranty2.

Working Overtime to Reduce the Sun’s Harsh Effects

Commercial film offers relief from:


  • Excessive sun exposure 
  • Damaging UV rays 
  • Productivity-hindering glare 
  • Interior fading 
  • Rising energy costs

SunTek Solar Film Is Available in 5 Series

The premier product line from SunTek offers advanced infrared-reducing technology with options available for interior and exterior installation.

Reflective exterior with a crisp, cool interior hue, this window film series helps protect against uncomfortable hot spots, UV interior fading as well as annoying interior screen glare

Like SymphonyDS, this film offers excellent solar protection, featuring a reflective exterior with a neutral appearance from the inside. It provides a warmer tone which some homeowners prefer.

Made with sputtered film technology, InfinityDS offers solar-blocking benefits in a selection of bronze and neutral tones. It is available for interior or exterior installation.

Constructed with vapor-coated aluminum, this film is mirrored on both sides and corrosion-resistant, making it a powerful reflector of heat and glare, while blocking 98% to 99% UV rays1. Available in styles for interior or exterior installation.

The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation

Our products with 99% or greater UV protection (300-380nm) have been awarded The Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation.

See which films qualify

1Wavelengths 300-380nm

2Certain restrictions apply; see a dealer for details