Residential and Commercial Safety and Security Window Film

Every film in the SunTek® Safety and Security line is designed to help protect without compromising structural aesthetics. This technologically advanced film helps provide peace of mind by adding a thin-yet-tough layer to glass surfaces in homes and commercial buildings. SunTek film offers added safety and security safeguards by helping to protect what’s precious and helping to reduce injuries from shattered glass. Stringently tested according to government and commercial standards, SunTek Safety and Security film helps to protect against damage from windstorm debris, blast events, and even forced entry. This commitment to performance is why our film has been installed on many domestic and commercial properties worldwide.

SunTek® Residential Safety and Security Film


Safeguards with Welcoming Street Appeal

SunTek Safety and Security film products incorporate solar and safety benefits to deliver varying indoor privacy levels, with security properties, safety features, and solar protection. We also offer an anti-graffiti film to help minimize the damage caused by vandalism that can deface your home’s exterior.

SunTek® Commercial Safety and Security Film

Commercial property owners will be inspired by SunTek Safety and Security film with its differing levels of physical protection. Available in a broad range of styles ranging from clear and neutral to dramatic and reflective, safety and security film helps to shield property and occupants from harm. Most of our film also blocks 99% of UV rays to reduce fading, helping to keep interior finishes, furnishings and retail merchandise looking like new.

Engineered for Protection Around the Clock

Our Solar + Safety product line blocks 69% to 81% of the sun's energy2. This helps reduce summer cooling bills and helps maintain a relaxed, productive environment. Many styles of our film can also reduce both daytime and nighttime glare. A manufacturer’s limited warranty1 backs all of our safety and security film.


SunTek Safety and Security Film Is Available in 4 Series

Nearly invisible, optically clear film for homes and commercial properties helps protect against interior fading from the sun while offering safety and security benefits for various hazards. Available in one or two-ply constructions from 2 mils to 13 mils in thickness for a higher level of protection.

This series of dual-reflective films solar control and safety performance—all in one. It's reflective on the exterior and less on the interior, helping to provide energy savings and reduced interior fading with increased thickness for added security. It helps protect against accidents, burglary, and windborne debris by holding a majority of shattered glass in place.

Vapor-coated aluminum construction makes this window film series reflective on both sides, creating a mirrored look. The series offers our highest level of solar heat rejection along with shatter resistance, daytime privacy, UV protection, and glare reduction.

This virtually invisible layer of protection is scratch-resistant, helping to reduce the need for expensive cleanup or glass replacement. It features an exclusive adhesive designed for easy peel-away, leaving minimal residue behind

The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation

Our products with 99% or greater UV protection (300-380nm) have been awarded The Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation.

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1Certain restrictions apply; see a dealer for details

2Wavelengths 300-380nm