Carbon Tint

SunTek® Carbon Series and CXP™ tint Series are engineered to meet today’s performance demands. Carbon construction gives our original Carbon Series and the upgraded CXP™ (Carbon Extra Performance) Series a non-reflective appearance in impressive shades of black to help deliver your desired level of solar protection. A manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty1 protects this duo against color changes.

Carbon Series is constructed with innovative carbon technology for good heat rejection, glare reduction, and U.V. protection. CXP™ features non-metal nano-hybrid carbon composition with outstanding infrared rejection for additional interior cooling.

Advanced Carbon-Based Technology

Carbon films are manufactured with carbon particles rather than simple dyes, which perform at a level above dyed tint products. SunTek carbon tint helps maintain cooler vehicle interiors and will not change color like some dyed films. The carbon component helps block heat and damaging UV rays—helping to reduce the strain on your air conditioning.

Carbon Series: Innovative carbon technology

CXP™ Series: Non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon technology

Carbon Series: Good heat rejection, excellent glare reduction and UV protection

CXP™ Series: Outstanding heat and infrared rejection, glare reduction and UV protection

Non-reflective, attractive appearance

Signal Friendly. Enables clear and easy connectivity

Carbon and CXP™ Series are backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty1 with protection against change in color and more

Why Upgrade to the SunTek CXP Series?

CXP carbon window tint is a perfect economical option to ceramic tint for solar performance and infrared rejection. Non-metal nano-hybrid carbon construction helps ensure color stability and clear signal connectivity while creating a distinctive non-reflective appearance.

The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation

Our products with 99% or greater UV protection (300-380nm) have been awarded The Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation.

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1Certain restrictions apply; see dealer for warranty details