Dyed Charcoal Tint

The classic composition of SunTek® Standard Pro and Standard Series makes these dyed charcoal tints the intelligent, economical choice for appearance and comfort. Featuring dyed charcoal technology, these tint standards focus on helping to deliver good heat rejection, UV protection, and optical clarity.

Available in multiple shades, our dyed charcoal tint upgrades a vehicle’s looks inside and out—with added privacy and protection. Standard and Standard Pro are backed by limited warranty1 against peeling, cracking, adhesive failure, and delamination. The Standard Pro Series is additionally protected against change in color and a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty1.

Custom Features. Affordable Performance.

As a cost-effective tint option, SunTek dyed charcoal tint delivers inside and out. While some other window tints are manufactured by simply applying dye to the film surface, Standard Pro Series and Standard Series are engineered with charcoal dye infused into the film layers to help protect against color changes.

SunTek dyed charcoal tint products are available in various shades, allowing you to select the degree of heat rejection, UV protection, and look you want.

Good heat rejection and UV protection; excellent glare reduction

Dyed charcoal tint construction provides a dramatic, darkened glass appearance

A variety of tint shades, non-reflective interior, and exterior appearance

No hazy, foggy effects to interfere with visibility. Views of the road are sharp and clear

Manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty1 against change in color and more

Manufacturer’s 3-year limited warranty1

Available Tint Shades of SunTek Standard Pro and Standard Series

Available tint shades for SunTek Standard Pro and Standard Series 

How Is Dyed Charcoal Tint Constructed?

SunTek dyed charcoal window tint is a fusion of polyester films, UV blockers, and charcoal dye laminated into a micro-thin sheet. Some tint is manufactured by only applying dye to the film surface, resulting in less durability and a risk of rapid discoloration.


  • Unique dyed charcoal tint technology 
  • A layer of UV protection to help reduce interior fading and cracking

Performance Specifications

We test SunTek window film to help ensure it performs as expected. Our downloadable performance spec sheet shows you the results and helps you compare our full line-up.

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Automotive Window Tint installer applying film to the driver's side window

The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation

Our products with 99% or greater UV protection (300-380nm) have been awarded The Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation.

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1Certain restrictions apply; see dealer for warranty details