Paint Protection Film Ultra Defense

Designed for higher impact resistance, SunTek® Ultra Defense is our thickest, most durable film that helps deliver added vehicle protection in brutal road conditions and more severe climates. Ideal for the track or off-roading, this tough film easily helps defend vehicle finishes that take constant abuse during everyday driving.

Offering all the same benefits of PPF Ultra plus a higher level of impact resistance, self-healing Ultra Defense features HydroResist™ technology for increased stain resistance and longevity. Backed by a manufacturer’s 10-year limited warranty1, this tough film boldly stands up to scratches, rock chips and other debris. With Ultra Defense, you’ll want to take the road less traveled—every time.

Why You Need Thicker PPF

Encounters with gravel roads, creek beds or neglected city streets will never be the same once you’ve experienced the added protection and performance of PPF Ultra Defense. This thicker PPF offers our highest level of chip resistance with outstanding durability and optical clarity. On or off the road, it’s the extra security you want for the most abused areas of your vehicle such as hoods, bumpers and rocker panels.

Stronger, thicker film for higher impact resistance and our best rock chip defense

HydroResist™ top coat increases stain resistance and the film’s longevity by limiting water and dirt accumulation on the surface

Repairs scratches with minimal effort; film self-heals utilizing heat from a vehicle’s engine or the sun

Available in high gloss. Outstanding clear finish and optical clarity makes film nearly impossible to detect once installed

Professionally sold and installed PPF Ultra Defense is backed by a manufacturer’s 10-year limited warranty1 against cracking, bubbling or yellowing

Will Ultra Defense Protect Off Road Vehicles?

Rugged off-road conditions can inflict all types of wear and tear on your vehicle. Branches and vegetation along the trail can damage the finish, covering it with scratches while rock chips and road debris are kicking up at every turn. PPF Ultra Defense is a tougher, more durable film that helps guard against this impact level while self-healing the unwanted scuffs and scratches. HydroResist™ technology limits surface water and dirt buildup along the way.


Can Ultra Defense Be Used with Other PPF for Extra Protection?

When selecting the right PPF for your vehicle you may choose to install Ultra Defense on the areas that experience more road debris such as hoods, rocker panels and bumpers for added, durable protection. The extra thick film provides a greater level of resistance to gravel and rock chips to help keep those “high-risk” areas secure.

1Certain restrictions apply; see dealer for warranty details