Safeguards with Welcoming Appeal

Every film in SunTek’s security line is designed to enhance the comforts of home, adding safeguards for security, protecting what’s precious and helping to prevent harm. These technologically advanced, micro-thin film shields provide major peace of mind by adding a surprisingly thin-yet-tough layer to glass surfaces. 

Most SunTek security film styles combine solar and safety benefits, to deliver varying levels of indoor privacy, glass-strengthening power and solar protection. We also offer an anti-graffiti film to help combat vandalism that can deter from a welcoming home exterior. The performance of all our security films is backed by a manufacturer’s limited warranty. * 

We appreciate how important it is to feel safe at home, without creating the appearance of a fortress. Our complete range of security films includes clear, neutral, dual-reflective and reflective styles to naturally blend with any style, architecture or exterior finish. 
* Certain restrictions apply; contact a manufacturer’s representative or see an authorized dealer for manufacturer’s limited warranty details.

Clear Series

  • Disappearing Solar + Safety

  • Nearly invisible, optically clear films that help protect against fading from the sun and uncomfortable hot spots. 

Ultra-Vision™ Film

  • Barely Visible Solar + Safety

  • This spectrally selective, non-corrosive film is our premier security product. It has an elegant look and combines top solar technology with glass-strengthening properties that helps protect against natural disasters and theft.

Symphony™ Series

  • Dual-Reflective Solar + Safety

  • Reflective outside and neutral-looking inside, this series of window films helps protect against sun damage and heat, while adding to security by helping to shield your home from break-ins, accidents and prying eyes on the street. 

Silver™ Series

  • Mirrored Solar + Safety

  • Vapor-coated aluminum construction makes this window film series reflective on both sides, for a mirrored look, shatter resistance, daytime privacy, our highest level of solar heat rejection, UV protection and glare reduction. 

Anti-Graffiti Series

  • Peel-Away Protection

  • A virtually invisible layer of protection that’s scratch-resistant and reduces the need for expensive cleanup or glass replacement. Features a unique adhesive for easy peel-away without leaving residue behind.