Residential and Commercial Specialty Window Film

The Specialty film selection from SunTek® provides practical, attractive ways to enhance all styles of residential and commercial properties. Designed for residential, retail, restaurants, and office spaces, we offer fully private and semi-private film choices in a versatile palette of white, white matte, black, crystal and mirror. SunTek Specialty film can be easily customized to your architectural vision. In addition, the performance and durability of all Specialty films are backed by a manufacturer’s limited warranty.1

Stunning Transformations for Standard Glass

SunTek Specialty film opens up a variety of new living-space possibilities. Expensive custom glass is no longer your only option. You have the freedom to:

  • Transform standard glass, making it a focal point and center of attention
  • Soften and filter interior light, converting your master bath into a private oasis
  • Darken a room, creating the ideal home theater environment 

The opportunities are virtually unlimited. Specialty film is suitable for installation on smooth glass surfaces such as sliding glass doors, glass cabinet doors, and more. We invite you to explore the film styles we offer and then get started planning that next project.

Create an Environmental Expression

Specialty film inspires creativity and new design solutions in a big way. Restyle office glass into an impressive client-greeting feature without the cost of custom glass. If you can imagine it, SunTek Specialty film can help you achieve it. An open boutique becomes an intimate spa by softening and diffusing light, while unused space can easily be upgraded into a video editing studio with Specialty darkening film.

Specialty film can be installed on glass lobby doors, office hallways, conference room walls, or any other smooth glass surface to make an impactful, professional appearance.

SunTek Specialty Film Is Available in 6 Series

This Specialty film alters the transparency of glass with an opaque, bright white treatment that effectively blocks views. It won't overly darken a room and is a practical solution for concealment and privacy

Black Out Specialty film is a fully opaque black film suitable for areas large and small that need to be shielded from view. Use it to create a dramatic effect in a studio, on glass cabinets and more

Our Crystal Series simulates the look of etched glass without the hassle and expense of designer glass. It’s a classic look suitable for many home styles available in polyester or vinyl film construction

Our LRDS-10 Specialty film offers low interior reflectivity for better visibility. It’s a darker yet neutral film that blocks a significant amount of the sun’s heat and blends naturally with any exterior construction style

For a one-way mirror effect instead of a glass window or door, choose the DR Mirror Series. It’s highly reflective on one side while providing clear views from the opposite side

The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation

Our products with 99% or greater UV protection (300-380nm) have been awarded The Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation.

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1Certain restrictions apply; see a dealer for details