Answers to your SunTek® Paint Protection Film Questions

To help ensure maximum performance of SunTek PPF, periodic care and attention is recommended. Avoid the use of automatic car washers and power washes as they could cause film lifting1. It is best practice to wait 3 days after installation of SunTek paint protection film before washing your car. Hand wash with soap, water and a soft cloth when needed.

Waxing is recommended to help maintain the appearance and surface protection. For gloss finishes, wax with a non-abrasive car wax once or twice a year. However, some waxes will add a level of gloss to matte paint protection film. There are car waxes on the market formulated specifically for matte finishes.

We recommend that only a professional SunTek dealer should remove SunTek paint protection film. But if it is necessary to remove the film yourself, we suggest following these guidelines:

  • Film should be lifted at a 45-degree angle and pulled towards yourself, this will cause the adhesive to release 
  • Do not fold the film over on itself and rip it off—this can leave adhesive behind 
  • In cold weather environments, we recommend a steamer to aid in softening the film and adhesive for removal 

SunTek highly encourages you to see a SunTek dealer for PPF removal from original paint.

To help maintain maximum performance of SunTek paint protection film, periodic care and attention is recommended. Hand wash with soap and water when needed. For gloss finishes, wax with a non-abrasive car wax once or twice a year to help maintain the appearance and surface protection.

SunTek PPF is a film applied directly to original paint in select areas or on your entire car by professional SunTek installers. It is a “wet installation” similar to window film using a soap and water mixture to align the PPF before squeegeeing it into place.

Pricing is determined by the SunTek dealers who professionally installs the paint protection film products we manufacture. For a PPF price quote, please contact a SunTek dealer near you or a distributor in your country .

SunTek PPF is manufactured to maintain its performance and integrity, year after year. Our paint protection film is covered by a manufacturer’s limited warranty2 to last at least your choice of product. Ask your SunTek dealer for the specific warranty details pertaining to the film you’re purchasing.

Each SunTek PPF product features a scientifically formulated top coat. This top coat protects the urethane against surface damage, while the self-healing surface repairs the majority of scratches utilizing the heat of the sun, a warm body panel, engine heat or warm water.

Ceramic coatings do not offer the same level of rock chip and surface protection as SunTek paint protection film. Reaction PPF features the 2-in-1 advantage of PPF protection and the benefits of ceramic coating—backed by a manufacturer’s 12-year limited warranty2. The life expectancy of ceramic coating can be approximately 1-4 years, requiring regular reapplication depending on the product.

SunTek does not offer any DIY PPF options. Contact your local SunTek dealer to help ensure the proper PPF installation on your vehicle and years of warranty2 backed protection.

Professional SunTek installers have access to our proprietary pattern-cutting software that helps accurately trim the film to hug the contours of thousands of makes and models.

It’s best to wait three days after SunTek paint protection film installation before attempting any sort of washing. Hand wash with soap, water and a soft cloth when needed. Avoid the use of automatic car washes and power washers as they could cause film lifting1.

Prompt removal of staining hazards, such as bird droppings is recommended. For gloss finishes, wax with a non-abrasive car wax once or twice a year. We suggest consulting your nearest SunTek dealer who can provide expert guidance for proper PPF surface care.

SunTek paint protection film is sold globally, from the hottest climates of Texas, Arizona and the Middle East to the coldest in Colorado, Calgary and Norway. With proper care, our paint protection film can help protect your vehicle in excessive heat and frigid cold.

Whether you choose to fully wrap your vehicle or cover several panels, the gloss finish of SunTek PPF will help maintain the integrity of its original paint for years. Outstanding optical clarity helps preserve the showroom shine, making the film nearly impossible to detect once installed. The finish helps reduce dirt buildup for easier cleaning, while requiring a periodic wash and wipe with a soft cloth.

1See warranty for complete care guidelines

2Certain restrictions apply; see dealer for warranty details