SunTek® Automotive Tint

Select your custom level of protection with SunTek® automotive tint. Available in shades and hues ranging from rich black to optically clear, SunTek tint improves the look and performance of your vehicle’s window glass.

Backed by a manufacturer’s limited warranty1, our comprehensive selection of tint products is engineered with technologies ranging from time-tested to cutting-edge. Depending on your product selection, you can help safeguard your car and passengers with powerful heat and infrared rejection while effectively protecting both against harmful UV rays. Evolve, our next-level window tint, impressively blocks up to 94% of IR rays2 for a cooler interior.

From ceramic nanoparticle technology to dyed charcoal construction, SunTek tint can visually enhance your vehicle’s appearance while helping to deliver the solar protection that counts.

The Advantages of SunTek Window Tint

SunTek automotive window tint products are constructed with both time-tested and cutting-edge technologies. Most of these products are formulated to remain color stable and are backed by a manufacturer’s limited warranty1 with protection against color change. Contact your local SunTek dealer for the complete list and warranty information.

SunTek automotive window tint is manufactured at our world-class facilities in Martinsville, Virginia, USA.

SunTek continuously invests in a broad range of innovative production and manufacturing processes while our team of engineers and chemists continue to develop innovative window tint technology solutions.

Begin your window tint search with a local SunTek dealer. The dealer can help you determine your preferences for:

  • heat rejection 
  • UV and fade protection 
  • appearance 
  • pricing and cost 
  • tint construction 

SunTek offers a comprehensive line of tint products to meet your varying automotive needs. Visit our Window Tint Simulator to preview how SunTek window tint could look on your car, truck, or SUV.

Evolve Series

The next evolution in ceramic window tint featuring HeatResist™ nanoparticle technology—with up to 94% Selective IR heat rejection capabilities2


  • Offers our best heat and infrared rejection, glare reduction, and over 99% UV protection3
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CIR™ Series

Technologically advanced tint featuring our unique ceramic construction to help enhance solar performance and infrared protection.


  • Outstanding heat and infrared rejection with the power to block up to 99% of UV rays 
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Carbon Tint

Carbon Series and advanced nano-hybrid carbon CXP™ feature a non-reflective black tint for enhanced solar protection.


  • Helps control heat, glare, UV and infrared rays for cooler driving comfort and less interior fading exposure
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Metal Dyed Tint

Metallized tint offers reliable durability and performance with a custom reflective look.


  • Good heat rejection and UV protection with excellent glare reduction 
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Dyed Charcoal Tint

Standard Pro and Standard Series tint are engineered to deliver privacy and protection with economically dyed charcoal technology.


  • Good heat rejection and UV protection; excellent glare reduction 
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1Certain restrictions apply; see a dealer for details

2Selective IR Rejection (SIRR) is a measurement of solar infrared radiation (780-2500nm) not directly transmitted through glass. IRER is a more complete measurement of heat experienced from solar infrared radiation (780-2500nm) including absorbed and re-radiated energy. Based on data obtained during product development and subject to change.

3Wavelengths 300-380nm.

4Based on data obtained during product development and subject to change. Data captured using National Fenestration Rating Council’s (NFRC) guidelines and calculated for single pane, nominal 1/4 inch (6mm) clear glass. Reported values are taken from representative product samples and are subject to normal manufacturing variances. Actual performance will vary based on a number of factors, including glass type and properties.